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The Low-Down on the Minecraft Discovery Update

Minecraft released the 1.1 update today for Pocket and Windows 10 versions of the game, dubbing it the Discovery Update. The game has new features, places to explore, and new treasures.

Some of the notable features include the addition of llamas, dyeable beds, Illagers (Evokers & Vindicators), new blocks, and shulker boxes. Players have new enchantments like mending and frost-walking. The addition of the Skyrim Mash Up Pack, which lets you build your own world in the land of Skyrim.

The biggest addition to Minecraft yet is Marketplace! Pocket and Windows 10 users can browse, buy, download, and play awesome community creations. The best part is that Marketplace is available in-game!

A full list of features, tweaks, and bug fixes is available below, but some of the favorites from the Arcade Corner staff are as follows!

  • Cave Spiders will attack with a poison time that is based upon difficulty.
  • Seeds that generate structures can be seen in new places now.
  • New color palette available for wood blocks and carpet.
  • Horses make sounds when they jump.
  • You can shoot yourself with a bow and arrow. They brought back the ability to splash yourself with potions.

Full list of features, tweaks, and bug fixes found on the Minecraft website here.

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