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The Low-Down on the Minecraft Discovery Update

Minecraft released the 1.1 update today for Pocket and Windows 10 versions of the game, dubbing it the Discovery Update. The game has new features, places to explore, and new treasures. Some of the no...

The Walking Dead: Season 3

The Walking Dead Game’s Season 3 To Be Released In November

The Walking Dead: Season Three is set to launch this November according to the developer and publisher Telltale Games announced at its PAX panel earlier today. This new season is set to be a few years...

World Of Warcraft Legion Art Contest

World Of Warcraft’s New Level Cap Was Hit In Less Than 6 Hours

World Of Warcraft: Legion has been released and one player has already hit the new level cap. The Twitch user “Fragance” took in total five hours and 28 minutes to reach the new cap of lev...

Call of Duty: Advance Warfare Map Remake From Call of Duty 4 is Now Free for Everyone

Atlas Gorge was a DLC that was only obtainable from the DLC pass or any of the collector’s editions of the game. This map is a remake of the map Pipeline from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. How...

Outer Rim Expansion Pack

Star Wars Battlefront’s Outer Rim Expansion Now Available for Everyone

Star Wars Battlefront has had an interesting release pattern. The latest expansion pack “Outer Rim” was launched as an exclusive to those who purchased the Season Pass. This rule allows th...

Fallout 4 Concept Art

Fallout 4’s Next DLC Release Date Announced

Fallout 4’s second expansion pack, Wasteland Workshop is coming out soon. Bethesda has announced that it will be available for purchase on April 12th for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC and ...

EverQuest Next

Daybreak Studio Hiring For Unannounced Title

Daybreak Studio who has recently cancelled the much awaited and hyped EverQuest Next is now currently hiring for a new and undisclosed title. The company is looking to hire 15 people for positions suc...

Whispers of the Old Gods

Hearthstone Expansion Leaked VIA Mural

It is well known that the next Hearthstone expansion will be announced on March 11th. Blizzard normally does something cryptic like “Something inside the Tavern stirs…”  Which while ...

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