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How To Tame Foxes In Minecraft Version 1.14

Minecraft Red Fox

Minecraft’s large content update version 1.14 has been launched which has added new animals that you can tame. Foxes while being cute are also really awesome animals that you can tame.

The good news is that Foxes are relatively easy to tame and can be done really quickly. Even if you’re just starting out you should be able to tame a fox relatively easily.

Now, an important note about foxes is there are two variations that are biome dependent.

  • Red Fox: These foxes are red or orange in color and can be found in the taiga biomes. They are usually found on hills or on top of mountains but they can also rarely spawn in a snow taiga village.
  • Arctic Fox: The arctic fox is well white and are only found in the snow taiga biomes. They spawn in all the typical places as the above red fox but must be found in a snowy biome.

You’re going to have a much easier time finding foxes at night as well as they are nocturnal which is an interesting characteristic that Mojang brought over from real life. So if you’re looking for a fox make sure you look for one during the night.

Additionally, Arctic Foxes are more difficult to locate period as they only spawn in snowy locations. On top of that, they are found at night just like the red fox.

A glimmer of hope though is that if you breed an arctic fox with a regular red fox you have a 50/50 chance of getting a fox of either color.

How To Tame A Fox

Now before you want to tame a fox you need two things in your inventory.

  • A lead (which is a type of leash)
  • Two sweet berries

Sweet berries can be found scattered throughout taiga biomes this is super convenient as foxes typically spawn near these berries as well. So make sure to stock up on the lead as well as berries while you are there.

If, you have never crafted a lead before you will need the following items as finding one can be very difficult.

  • 1 Slimeball
  • 4 String

Now that you have all the necessary ingredients find a group of foxes and hold out the berries.

Step 1: Give a sweet berry to one fox.

Step 2: Give the second sweet berry to a second fox.

Step 3: Wait for the foxes to breed.

Step 4: Attach your lead to the baby fox and you can walk away.

After you have completed the above steps your baby fox will follow you on the rest of your adventures!

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