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Neverwinter Makes Changes To Difficulty And Leveling Speed

Neverwinter Elemental Evil

Lead designer Scott Shicoff gave some good news to players of the popular MMORPG Neverwinter yesterday. These changes target the level 60 to 70 range by reducing the difficulty of mobs and increasing the amount of experience that is rewarded from missions. The Neverwinter development team had a lot of player insight on the issue and most of it involved these two key areas which lead to these changes. Based on the player opinions the team made the following changes.

  • The 50% HP buff that had been added to level 61-70 critters has been removed.
  • Enemies in the endgame campaign zones (IcewindDale,Sharandar, etc.) have had most of their HP buff removed.
    • There is still a slight difficulty increase in these endgame zones, but the numbers used previously were definitely too high and have been altered.
    • The bosses and mini-bosses were never given an HP boost, and that still remains true.
  • The amount of damage enemies do has been further reduced from critters of level 61 and higher.
    • The damage critters dish out had been reduced a number of weeks ago, but is now being dropped even further
  • An increased amount of XP is given by missions in the Elemental Evil zones.
    • This will make your trip from 60 to 70 noticeably faster.
  • The number of vigilance quests needed to complete the wrappershas been cut in half.
    • Wrappers that were looking for 16 quests to be completed are now only looking for 8.

These changes will be on live servers soon for PC and it will be added in the next update for the Xbox version. This goes to show that the development team really is trying to improve the game for their players.

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  1. This is a common trend with games lately they are becoming easier in an attempt to bring in more users.


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