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How to Make Stone Bricks In Minecraft

Minecraft Stone Brick Texture

Stone bricks are great for medieval-style builds or you’re looking to just make use of more Stone. Stone Bricks add a level of dimension to your build and thus make whatever you’re building feel less “flat”. In addition to making Stone Bricks, you can quite easily find them in villages, and they are even tradeable with Villagers so let’s look into all the ways you can make stone bricks in Minecraft

How To Craft Stone Bricks

Crafting stone bricks requires you to have 4 pieces of stone since Stone is not a common mineable material the steps below will show you how to get stone. Also, you can craft stone bricks using a stone cutter but we found this is the most efficient means of producing a lot of stone bricks.

Materials Needed:

  • Cobblestone
  • Coal
  • Furnace
  • Crafting Table

Time needed: 2 minutes

How to make stone bricks in Minecraft.

  1. Create Your Stone

    To create stone you’re going to need to place coal in the bottom section of your furnace followed by Cobblestone on top. After letting the furnace run you will end up with a large quantity (1:1 ratio) of stone.

  2. Place Stone in crafting table

    The next step is to place your stone in a crafting table in a 2×2 square.

  3. Collect Stone Bricks

    Now you can simply repeat Step 2 for all the stone you have collected and if you need more stone simply repeat step 1 until you have as many Stone Bricks as you need!

Where You Can Find Stone Bricks In Minecraft

Minecraft has a plethora of ways for you to find or make stone bricks. In fact, the best way to find stone bricks is by discovering villages! There is a 37.7% chance of village mason chests to contain stone bricks.

However, the amount of stone bricks is quite limited as they will always be in a stack of one. Meaning if you’re in need of a lot of them your best bet is to craft them as we did above.

Where To Trade For Stone Bricks?

Stone Bricks are tradeable items, and an apprentice-level stone mason villager can sell you 4 stone bricks for one emerald.

If you’re playing on the bedrock edition apprentice-level stone mason villagers have a 25% chance to sell 4 chiseled stone bricks for one emerald.

This method is only handy if you want some stone bricks really quickly and have an overabundance of emeralds to spare. Otherwise, I highly recommend just making your own it’s going to be your best means of supply!

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