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Minecraft: How to Tame and Ride a Llama

Llamas are animals in Minecraft, usually found in the Savannah biome or the Extreme Hills biome. To tame a llama, you do not need any special things in your inventory, like to tame a llama you need a ...

Minecraft Parrot

Minecraft How To Tame a Parrot

Parrots are a tameable animal in the game that is tamed just like the ocelots. There is no clear advantage of taming a parrot other than it looks really cool sitting on your shoulder. To tame a parrot...

Minecraft Dragon Block C

Minecraft DBC Mod Kami’s Lookout Coordinates

Kami’s lookout is one of the most important locations in the Dragon Ball universe. This is where Goku does his first series training, and its where you can go to train as well. Minecraft Mod Dra...

The Low-Down on the Minecraft Discovery Update

Minecraft released the 1.1 update today for Pocket and Windows 10 versions of the game, dubbing it the Discovery Update. The game has new features, places to explore, and new treasures. Some of the no...

Minecraft Glide Mini Game Trailer

“The first DLC pack going out will be themed around beasts,” says David. “We have a kraken-themed level which takes inspiration from Battle’s Cove map. You burst out into a huge open area with two bat...

Minecraft Are Golden Tools Useless?

Minecraft Are Golden Tools Useless?

There is a common misconception in Minecraft that Golden Tools are useless and simply exist to give gold another purpose. However, this is a myth and that in some regards gold tools are more useful th...

Minecraft Feed The Beast Screenshot

Minecraft Update Brings Several New Balancing Changes

Minecraft has been around for about six years now and it is still releasing consistent updates despite being sold to Microsoft and having a Windows 10 app being made for it. Minecraft has had an issue...

Sugarcane Minecraft

Minecraft Does Sugarcane Grow Faster On Sand

A common question that always comes up with Minecraft is whether or not Sugarcane grows faster on sand than it does on dirt. Well, we have an answer to this question and it’s not something that ...

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