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Aion 6.0 / 6.2 Cleric Hybrid Stigma Build

Aion 4.6 Cleric

Aion 6.0 brings with it a lot of changes in terms of overall gameplay and the simplification of the game. However, Cleric’s the goodnews is your stigmas are largely untouched but it’s time for a refresher course in Stigma Builds. To begin we are starting with my personal favorite the hybrid stigma build.

The reason this is dubbed hybrid is you don’t go into any “tree” fully so you’re an agnostic build you can fill a DPS or healing role practically with the same set. You won’t be perfect in either role but your improved flexibility allows you to be a powerful support or DPS whenever one is needed. I am going to include a generic picture of the set but then will break down each of the stigmas below and their use cases.

Aion Cleric Hybrid Stigma Build

Summon Vexing Energy

This is your vision stigma it’s the catch-all for any stigma build that isn’t pure healing or DPS so you don’t get a choice here but this little spirit doesn’t get the credit it deserves. The Vexing Energy is actually incredibly useful as a distraction when doing PvPvE instances. When you’re rushing a certain point and need a distraction this is a quick option to get the adds off of you. Additionally, it’s useful in open world PvP for the same situation. It’s truly just an overall add pull. It’s not going to rescue you from being ganked by a bunch of players but in sieges and instances, I find it incredibly useful.

Summon Noble Energy

This is your first greater stigma pick and it’s something you will love it does a lot of strong damage, it’s instant cast and it’s just nothing short of amazing. Some notes about general placement, when in PvP avoid standing close to it especially when leashing Gladiators as the Noble Energy can be destroyed you don’t want it to get caught up in an AOE. Additionally, you can actually generate 1 extra cast of damage on it if you place your light of rejuvenation on it as you first cast it (as the summon uses its own health to cast attacks) this can help a lot in PvE.

Summon Healing Servant

It’s a servant that heals like the noble energy it can be destroyed but it doesn’t take away its own life it simply stays alive for its entire duration. This can perpetually be up in PvE, even when you’re in a DPS role please keep this up as it’s a great supplemental heal for the group (and it heals 6 people so the whole group is covered). Like the Noble Energy don’t stand close to it AND don’t summon the Noble Energy right on top of it (in a PvP situation).

Ripple Of Purification

The granddaddy of heals, it removes your status effects and heals 6 people for a very large amount of health. But I have to note, this is not an emergency heal if you’re a hit away from death there is a slight delay between the cast, animation, and when the heal actually goes through. You will die if you rely on this when you’re incredibly low on health. Otherwise, no-brainer amazing heal and it should always be carried (when you can).

Saving Grace

Remember when I was talking about you’re going to die heals, this along with flash of recovery function very well. Now, Saving Grace is a proactive heal when you take damage below 50% of your health it will automatically heal you (or whoever you cast it on). Keep in mind its duration is 1 minute so you will have 30 seconds of downtime between its end so don’t use it unless you’re going to be entering a difficult fight. However, a secondary effect since it triggers anytime you’re below 50% health if your flash of recovery skill is on cooldown you can use this as a substitute and it will instantly heal you or your target (which is awesome).

Retribution Lightning

Not much to say ret lightning has been in cleric builds since the stone ages, it’s an amazing DPS skill and it’s cool you shoot lightning like Emperor Palpatine what more do you need!

Sacrificial Power

This skill is quite simple it increases your magic damage and accuracy (this includes crit) but you sacrifice some healing boost. So you will overall do more damage but in exchange, you lose healing. I still recommend leaving this skill on 24×7 unless you’re assigned to be the primary healer in which case, please disable it. You won’t notice it as much when you’re not the primary healer but if you’re not in a situation where you can DPS and heal this skill is nothing but a detriment to your current role. (still feel free to use noble energy though to sneak in some damage but you didn’t hear it from me).


Finally, you’re done I recommend running a mace & shield with this build as opposed to staff because while the animation time decrease can be sweet, learn to jump cast and the reduction in cast time is overall more effective (you will also feel the bonus of having that shield). You’re done now go out there and save some lives and

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