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Can You Tame A Panda In Minecraft?

Minecraft Pandas

Minecraft’s 1.8.0 update brought a lot of cool new blocks notably the climbable block scaffolding and some other cool stuff. But let’s get to the real thing that everyone cares about.

Pandas. Pandas are awesome and Mojang has decided to add them to the game so naturally, everyone would be wondering. Can you tame a Panda in Minecraft and Mojang said nope!

This is very disappointing Pandas are not only awesome they would make great companions. Why would a Panda not be tameable I would love to have a panda in my small wooden shack but it looks like Mojang does not want us to be able to tame these majestic beasts.

Joking aside what can you do with pandas.

Can You Breed Pandas?

Oddly enough yes, Pandas can be bred so if you’re looking to breed pandas for some strange reason it’s more than possible. To breed two pandas together you are going to need the following.

  • 8 Pieces Of Bamboo since pandas can only be found in the Bamboo Biome it should be really easy to locate these.
  • The bamboo has to be placed within a five-block radius from each of the pandas.

Once the bamboo has been placed around the two pandas they will begin to mate producing a single baby panda if there isn’t enough bamboo though it will fail.

Interesting Genetics Facts

Pandas are interesting Minecraft they have hidden alleles. Which for those who didn’t take high school biology just skim past that to this part where we make it simple.

So if two pandas are bred with one another they will pass down their genes to the baby panda. Each Panda has two genes one is a dominant trait and one is a recessive trait.

For instance, a Weak Brown panda has genes that take less priority to be the dominant gene that is passed down over other gene types. So if you had an Aggressive Panda with an aggressive dominant gene and recessive gene and then breeds with a weak panda with a weak dominant and recessive gene the baby can never be weak.

Or to make it simple if you breed an aggressive panda with a weak panda it will always come out as an aggressive panda.

But now let’s say you have a Brown Panda with the same breeding behavior as the weak one. Then we are going to assume that the Panda has a recessive and dominant brown gene then the baby will have a 50% chance of being a brown panda.

There is also a 1/32 chance of a panda baby’s genes mutating into another gene (which is awesome)


Pandas are not able to be tamed which while sad Mojang compensated through a complex breeding system where pandas can pass down genes to their babies. This gene system though is a bit overly complex and since there is no decent way to tame them you’re going to be wishing they added the ability to do just that.

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  1. This addon allows you to tame pandas. https://mcpedl.com/?s=Tameable+pandas


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