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Aion 6.0 / 6.2 Cleric DPS Stigma Build

Aion 5.0

I am not personally a fan of the pure DPS stigma build for clerics mostly because you sacrifice all the benefits of being invincible. However, you can do some incredibly awesome damage in doing so, unlike the hybrid stigma build you will gain a large amount of burst.

The reason this is the DPS Stigma Build is you will be missing out on all of your additional heals and support skills that you might receive from being a cleric. Additionally, I rarely run this build as it doesn’t fit my play style as I still like to be a little useful. I will provide an image of the build below and go into the stigmas individually below.

Judge’s Edict

This skill is your vision stigma it is a spell which reduces the targets magic resist and magic suppression for 20 seconds (it has a 30-second cooldown). It’s more useful for PvP or PvE but if you’re going in for a call lightning cast throw this onto the NPC or PC to improve your damage.

Call Lightning

This is the amazing, all-powerful DPS stigma of choice. The skill is intimidating to watch as it’s being cast and it does a lot of damage, however, there are some caveats.  The skill has a 2.5 second cast time and can only be used once every minute. However, I find it is best used to burst when someone is low pop sage’s wisdom and drop call lightning on them at the same time. This will take a considerably large chunk of their HP out and can be done so very quickly.

Summon Noble Energy

This is your first greater stigma pick and it’s something you will love it does a lot of strong damage, it’s instant cast and it’s just nothing short of amazing. Some notes about general placement, when in PvP avoid standing close to it especially when leashing Gladiators as the Noble Energy can be destroyed you don’t want it to get caught up in an AOE. Additionally, you can actually generate 1 extra cast of damage on it if you place your light of rejuvenation on it as you first cast it (as the summon uses its own health to cast attacks) this can help a lot in PvE.

Chain Of Suffering

I am a believer that this skill is amazing sure the cooldown is long but the sharp reduction in your targets magic resist & the ability to send them to their kisk or obelisk on death (no chance of reviving is an amazing feeling). Another cool thing is when doing larger DPS fights say fighting a Deity General at a fortress siege this skill can almost perpetually be kept up (assuming it’s not knocked off of course but in longer fights this skill is amazing). To put it into perspective if you’re doing 1500 damage with this skill every 12 seconds over its duration you will deal 1500 * 10 (120 (secs) / 12 (secs)) or about 15,000 damage. You could use another skill in this slot if you would like but it’s your call (Enfeebling burst is good as well).

Retribution Lightning

Not much to say ret lightning has been in cleric builds since the stone ages, it’s an amazing DPS skill and it’s cool you shoot lightning like Emperor Palpatine what more do you need!

Sacrificial Power

This skill is quite simple it increases your magic damage and accuracy (this includes crit) but you sacrifice some healing boost. So you will overall do more damage but in exchange, you lose healing. I still recommend leaving this skill on 24×7 unless you’re assigned to be the primary healer in which case, please disable it. You won’t notice it as much when you’re not the primary healer but if you’re not in a situation where you can DPS and heal this skill is nothing but a detriment to your current role. (still feel free to use noble energy though to sneak in some damage but you didn’t hear it from me).

Festering Wound

Now, this can be argued about you could pick a support skill in this slot but the reduction in healing is great in both PvP & PvE. Let me explain, the skill will reduce magic resist for its entire duration (1 minute with a 1-minute cooldown (longer fights means this can be kept on them at all times)). But more importantly, it will reduce the effects of healing by 50% all that this means is if someone or something heals for say 2,000 HP it will now heal for 1,000 HP which is great because some of the hardest fights in the game involve a monster who likes to spam heal.


This build focuses on the heavy use of debuffs that make the damage both reliable in both PvE and PvP. However, the lack of proper support skills makes you dependent on having a proper healer in your group. If you find yourself having to heal too much your damage will go down. Another important note is that clerics aren’t a high DPS class but are a high damage class. Which isn’t the same thing your DPS will not be as high as another DPS class but your damage done on the monster will be just as high. This has to do with relatively low burst damage that clerics have but the sustain we have is pretty amazing. Just keep this in mind when running short DPS tests.

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