Overpower Screenshot

Overpower Releases Playable Demo On Kickstarter

Overpower, combines the progression and gameplay of your traditional MMORPG with the fun shooting mechanics of your traditional console game. With no focus on grinding and a very laid back gameplay wi...

Two Years Of Data Lost On Dragon Nest Europe

Last week, Dragon Nest servers in Europe suffered from a glitch that kept the servers down for nearly the entire week. However, now that the servers are back up and running it’s been discovered ...

Hounds The Last Hope

Hounds: The Last Hope Launches On Steam

Hounds: The Last Hope entered open beta last April and applied for Greenlight access on Steam, but that was the last major even regarding the game until January 27th when the game was officially launc...

Divergence Online Removed From Steam

Divergence Online Has Been Removed From Steam

Only two weeks after being launched through Steam Early Access, Divergence Online was removed from the market place by its developer. Divergence Online posted about its successful Steam Greenlight cam...

ArcheAge Hero System

ArcheAge: Become a Hero In Patch 2.0

In ArcheAge’s upcoming update you’ll have the chance to serve as leaders for one of the following factions: Nuia, Haranya, or Pirate. The update, dubbed Heroes Awaken, allows the leaders, otherwise kn...

Neverwinter Elemental Evil

Neverwinter Makes Changes To Difficulty And Leveling Speed

Lead designer Scott Shicoff gave some good news to players of the popular MMORPG Neverwinter yesterday. These changes target the level 60 to 70 range by reducing the difficulty of mobs and increasing ...

WOW Soaring Skyterror

World Of Warcraft Guide To Flying In Warlords Of Draenor

There was a huge fight about having the ability to fly in World Of Warcraft’s Warlords Of Draenor expansion. Originally Blizzard said no to the idea on the grounds that they wanted players and t...

Project Gorgon Stretch To Kickstarter Goal

Project Gorgon is living the dream of every Kickstarter project! It hit over $40.000 in funding this week, doubling their initial target, resulting in people unlocking both player instruments and the ...

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