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Two Years Of Data Lost On Dragon Nest Europe

Last week, Dragon Nest servers in Europe suffered from a glitch that kept the servers down for nearly the entire week.

However, now that the servers are back up and running it’s been discovered that 2 years of player data has been erased.

Players who log into their accounts will likely be confused and upset over the fact that everything from the past 2 years has been erased. Almost everything on the account has been lost except character data. Shanda games has released a statement on what was lost and what they are doing to get items back into their player’s hands.

“What data has been lost?

All titles, missions, quests, achievements, NPC points, guild points, cooking details, fishing details, trading house items, as well as inventory and storage items are gone for now.  Cash Items have also been wiped.

What are we going to do about it?

You are going to receive a lot of the lost items back from us. Although they are not on your character or in your inventory anymore, we could reconstruct the data outside of the game. Generally speaking, you will receive two big things from us:

A reimbursement package for what has been lost and a compensation package because of this whole situation.”

In order to compensate for this loss, every character will be leveled to level 80 and will be given epic gear. Furthermore, Shanda will be handing out gold, DKP, and cash items to all players and for those who spent money, Shanda is going to reimburse the players for their purchases.


While the players have a right to be annoyed with Shanda it is important to note that technical glitches like this are not impossible. Shanda also seems to be rewarding players more so than what many of the players might have lost in the glitch. The issue with this plan is Shanda will be losing some of their veteran players because now everyone who has played the game will be rewarded as if they had been playing as long as them. While it’s impossible for them to take inventory of what everyone had it’s going to cause problems for this game and its longevity in the European market.

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