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Project Gorgon Stretch To Kickstarter Goal

Project Gorgon is living the dream of every Kickstarter project! It hit over $40.000 in funding this week, doubling their initial target, resulting in people unlocking both player instruments and the Bard class. Now they have added a final stretch goal and those players will be awarded the following items below including the Project Gorgon soundtrack!

Everyone who pledges at the Adventurer level,or higher, will receive a digital copy of the Project Gorgon soundtrack! There are already 13 unique tracks, and that number will only continue to grow as development continues.

$50,000 Advanced Guild Features

We have plans to implement a basic guild system, but if we achieve this stretch goal we will be able to add all the unusual systems that we have been hoping for!

The advanced guild features include, but are not limited to:

• The ability to have unique behavior requirements such as: humans only, no vegetarians, no plate mail, or even an all cow guild!

• An optional system to create a unique “hardcore” guild that allows unique features and benefits. For example, you could have a special death penalty where a guild member couldn’t respawn until a member of the guild resurrects him or her.

•Guild Vendor. Guilds can set up an NPC vendor, in town, that allows members to sell items to the public.

• Guilds will be able to discover the secrets of ritual magic. There are a lot of secrets awaiting discovery, but some of that magic includes: the ability to teleport and bring members together quickly, rituals of the mind that let you communicate through time and space, the ability to access the guild vault from remote locations, and the ability to summon your guilds unique “mascot” pet.

• Guild Levels. Guilds will be able to complete special tasks to enhance the prestige of their guild. As a guild levels, they will be able to unlock rituals, increase guild storage space, and discover special challenges and rewards.

Backers at the Patron level, or higher, will receive a special voucher to create their guild for free, bypassing the requirements for signatures and fees. Those at the Lord Commander level, or higher, will be among the first to register their guild name!

$55,000 a Completely New and Unique Animal Form

If we achieve this stretch goal, we will add a completely new and unique animal form! This will be a full featured animal form with unique abilities specific to its characteristics. The exact form will be a surprise, and we don’t want to let the cat out of the bag just yet! There are many possibilities, perhaps a psychic mantis or maybe not even an “animal” at all? Only time will tell.

$60,000 Unlocking the ancient curse of the Vampire

There are many curses in the world of Project Gorgon, but perhaps not many as intriguing as the ancient curse of the Vampire. A curse much like Lycanthropy, the player will have access to greater power but will also carry a heavy burden. The night can be a powerful ally, but the day can be your worst enemy.

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