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Nosgoth Will Offer Cash Rewards For Top Players

Square Enix’s Nosgoth will be offering cash rewards for the top 100 players each month and the rewards can reach up to $1,000 in prizes. Nosgoth is a fast-paced PvP arena style game that takes p...

Taken King

Destiny Changes Leveling System & Is Making A PC Port

Bungie has released a lot of new information regarding Destiny including the Official Taken King Trailer which you can watch here, and more regarding changes to the leveling system and that they are w...

Warlords Of Draenor Screenshot

World Of Warcraft Loses 1.5 Million Subscribers

Blizzard’s second quarter earnings were released today and it shows us that the population of World Of Warcraft has dropped nearly 1.5 million subscribers. This has a trend that has been occurri...

Albion Online

Albion Online Get’s Ready For Closed Beta

Sandbox Interactive has ended its 4-week Summer Alpha event for Albion Online and it’s working on improvements and bug fixing for its upcoming Closed Beta. A total 18,279 players from over 150+ ...

EverQuest Next Halasian Building

EverQuest Next Halasians Revealed + Pictures

Daybreak Games has recently revealed a new race for the highly anticipated EverQuest Next. The Halasians, are a barbarian race that are based on the Vikings, and Scots however in EverQuest Lore they a...


Lord Of The Rings Online Closing Servers Named

Last week, we reported that Turbine would be closing 19 Lord Of The Rings Online servers.  Today, Turbine has revealed the names of the servers that will be remaining and that those as of today, will ...


Gangplank Returns + Unlock A Free Skin

Gangplank will return as the Bilgewater event comes close to ending. Many players believed that Gangplank would never return but as Riot says “what is dread may never die and Gangplank returns t...


Achaea Adds Mining In Latest Update

Achaea has added mining in its latest patch and it has some interesting mechanics to it that make it easier on you. Mining is not something that your character has to go out and mine by hand instead A...

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