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What Is Jump Casting In Aion

Aion is a triple A, MMORPG developed by NCSoft and it has a long record of being one of the fastest paced PvP games on the market. With the game having giant siege composed of hundred of players all focused around capturing an enemy fortress it’s easy to see why this game is known for its PvP.

However, the sense and value of PvP go even deeper than just the basic construct of what it is. Aion is known for its PvP and the players in the game are well renowned throughout each other’s servers and even cross continents for their skills. How well you play in PvP can affect whether or not you are taken in instances so your PvP abilities do impact every part of your life in Aion.

Jump Casting is a thing many people have heard of, some have learned, and a few have actually mastered. Jump Casting typically comes in two forms no animation and cast time reduction. The objective of all Jump Casting though is to reduce the time it takes to fire off your skills in a rapid succession.

Jump Casting can cancel the animation of instant cast abilities through practice, and for skills, with a cast time, it is able to reduce that time by finishing the ending of it early. In addition, it also allows your character to remain more mobile and allows you to put distance between you and the enemy character.

While Jump Casting is amazing when it’s mastered it takes a lot of practice to get your timing down and while most timing comes down to your ping, character, and abilities it can make an incredible difference in PvP when done correctly. It also makes you look like your a “pro” if you are trying to pass yourself off as such.  However, until you have Jump Casting mastered its best to avoid it or else you will inevitably cause more harm than good. If all else fails simply try jump casting your instant cast abilities and use that distance to your longer cast time skills.

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