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Aion 5.3 Cleric DPS Stigma Build

Aion 4.6 Cleric

In Aion clerics are known for both amazing DPS and even better heals. They are next to unmatched when it comes to solo content and are a necessity for any group. Clerics are very dependent on both armor and stigmas as they can change the entire focus of the class from a very powerful mage like character to that of an armored priest.

While this is not a concrete build and some skills can be replaced it is a very strong starting point for anyone looking to build a DPS cleric.

Aion 5.3 Cleric DPS Stigmas

Vision Stigma

Judge’s Edict: While primarily a PvP ability it serves a use in both PvP and PvE in that it increases the amount of damage you deal to the target. It both reduces the Magic Suppression and Magic Resist of the given target. The skill only lasts 12 seconds but it can be used every 30 seconds. It’s best to time this skill with Sage’s Wisdom in order to deal as much damage as possible in a sudden burst (for PvP).

This stigma can only be unlocked if you have Noble Energy, Chains Of Suffering, or Enfeebling Burst. You need a combination of any of these two greater stigmas in order to unlock this stigma.

Greater Stigma’s

Call Lightning: Call Lightning is your primary burst skill. The downside is this skill is incredibly time-consuming in PvP. Use this with Sage’s Wisdom after casting Judge’s Edict to do an incredible burst of damage.

Summon Noble Energy: This is the cornerstone of both your burst and your DPS. This skill allows you to do a large amount of consistent DPS as well this skill should be used right after summoning your Summon Holy Servant to maximize your damage potential. Get into the habit of summoning your Noble Energy after your Holy Servant in order to avoid the effects of Focused Evade, Aether Twisting and more.

Chain Of Suffering: Chain Of Suffering can be swapped with Enfeebling burst or Vice Versa. The primary reason for selecting this skill as opposed to the latter is because it further reduces MR but also has a nasty effect for those who are bound to a kisk.

Regular Stigma’s

Saving Grace: This heal is reactive meaning that it only takes effect after your ally falls below 50% HP. This is a great heal to have activated before an incoming fight as a way to get your allies health up in case you fall behind in your healing.

Retribution Lightning: While the skill has been changed in recent updates it makes for incredible burst with your default slashing wind chain. The skill is a requirement for almost any hybrid or DPS cleric.

Sacrificial Power: While known to the cleric community as sac power it is almost a near passive as you will want to be running it all the time. Sacrificial Power simply gives 200 additional Magical Accuracy, and Magic Boost.


The main tip for any DPS or PvP cleric is to use your servants generously. Holy Servant and Noble energy are both major sources of damage to your enemy. In addition, summon them in different locations and move around your enemy this will prevent them from being killed by aoe’s or from being focused by enemy combatants.

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