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Aion 6.2 Patch Notes

Aion 5.0

Aion 6.2 is right around the corner, which while being unusual for NCsoft (as this is on the heels of the 6.0 update) this update comes with a considerable amount of changes. To go through these, I am going to provide some of the important changes below and the rest in an attached PDF that will help go over the full changes.


Map Changes

The new region of Lakrum is added to Balaurea. Each faction will have their own respective landing zone which can be reached via the Balaurea Teleporter located in the Kaisinel Academy of the Marchuta Priory.

This new map will come with new quests, new loot, quests, etc everything you would expect.

Albeit more important with the introduction of this new zone all fortress sieges that are not in the Eye Of Reshanta or in Lakrum have been removed. This causes a bunch of minor changes the Blessing or Ariel / Azphel buff (when you’re outmatched and losing in influence) is removed entirely as there are not enough forts to make it fair. However, you will still receive the Kaisinel / Marchutan Blessing if the opposing faction occupies the fortress.

Fortress Sieges

League Points have been replaced by Contribution Points.

The Divine Fortress can be reached via the Eye Of REshanta Corridor which will open every Sunday at 8 PM and is open for 2 hours. Additionally, as the upper / lower abyss areas have been removed you’re not able to fly there anymore.

There are some other changes to the rewards system and to the league system but you can read those in the above PDF.

Character / Stat Changes

  • Magic Attack & Magic boost stats are now combined to just Magic Attack, this affects a lot of the outlying stats so please review the patch notes to see what stats are being combined where.
  • Energy of Growth & Energy of Salvation will be removed (sadly).
  • The buff that increases drop rate for new & returning players has also been removed which also sucks.

There are a considerable number of changes, that will change several aspects of the game but I can sum up the general changes. A lot of the changes seem to be quality of life changes and general cleanup. Lesser used tools and stuff that was adding an extra layer of complexity to the game have been removed, this doesn’t seem to have a lot of direct impact on the gameplay for those who are already maxed level it seems it just adds more for you to do.

Additionally, for those who are coming back or starting brand new, the game seems to be making it easier for you and the leveling is more streamlined. As the game is considerably more top heavy I believe the intent of the patch is to make it easier for new players to get to the higher levels where they can play with other people. It also means you’re not carrying yourself for like 15 levels in Beshmundir Temple.

What are your thoughts on the update, are there any issues you would like to see NCSoft address in a future update.

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