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Fate Of The Furious Passes The Force Awakens At The Box Office

The latest film of the Fast and Furious franchise was expected to deliver big numbers and it has delivered. The eighth film in the series brought in $532.5 million passing Star Wars: The Force Awakens...


Watch The Latest Pixar Short

While the latest Pixar movie is a bit of a way out a new short film Coco has arrived. Titled “Dante’s Lunch the video follows the Xolo dog Dante and his quest to find a bone. Since Coco is...

Star Wars: Rogue One Originally Had Bigger Plans For Saw Guerrera

Star Wars: Rogue One has a very different ending than what the original plans were the filmmakers have revealed that the original plans included more plans for one particular Rebel character. Kathleen...

Deadpool Trailer

Deadpool Won’t Be in New Wolverine Movie

Ryan Reynolds the actor behind the infamous character of Deadpool will not be appearing in upcoming Wolverine movie, Logan. A report today claimed that this would be the case but it was not true. Sadl...

Ghost In The Shell

Watch the Thrilling Ghost in the Shell Movie Trailer

This is the first full trailer for the upcoming sci-fi thriller Ghost in the Shell. This live-action adaptation of a classic hit anime will hit theaters in March of 2017 starring Scarlett Johansson. J...

Ben-Hur 2016 Movie

Summer 2016’s Biggest Box Office Flop To Lose $120 Million

Ben-Hur which is this summer’s biggest box office project according to sources that told The Hollywood Reporter is expected to come in at a loss of $120 million or more. The movie which was dire...

Spectre Movie Trailer

Daniel Craig Offered “150 Million” For Two More 007 Movies

There has been a lot of rumors over the past year or so whether or not Daniel Craig will return for another James Bond movie and if he doesn’t who else can fill the void. It has been reported th...

Kingsman: The Golden Globe

Kingsman Star Says That Sequel Is “Unconventional”

Kingsman sequel The Golden Circle will be rather unconventional according to actor Colin Firth. Its nature might have something to do with Firth’s character, Harry Hart, which he teased in an in...

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