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Minecraft Java Edition Review

Minecraft Red Fox

Minecraft is like a game no other, the game was built for creative minds. Minecraft can become the ultimate time sink with you mining away at blocks, building homes, and farming materials for hours on end. Minecraft isn’t just a world for you to explore it’s one of the only games where you can truly build your own world.

Minecraft isn’t winning any visual awards but that’s because of its art style a simple blocky world is charming and it has aged really well. This concept of artsy graphics is the same as World of Warcraft where the game despite being dated doesn’t feel that visually impaired. The style will give you a nostalgic feeling of the 8-bit style of games from way back when.

Survival Mode Makes The Game Feel Rewarding

Minecraft is by definition a sandbox it is a game where there is no objective. Traditional games where you are following a progressive story have to reward you through drops and rewards for completing objectives.

This is inherently what sets Minecraft apart from the competition. As there is no set path you can play the game how you want and survival mode is what makes the game fun and enjoyable. Survival Mode is a game mode where to get all resources you need to go out mine, hunt, and farm the necessary material to build and upgrade your gear.

Arguably one of the best and worst features of this is the fact that when you die all your items are dropped. Now, you can get back to those items and pick them up but if you died near enemies you will have to be careful or risk dying once again.

The Nether Is Spooky In A Child Like Manner

The Nether is a dark map where the floor is lava. No joke, the bottom of the Nether is entirely made of lava so you’re actually placed on the surrounding mountainous areas. There are undead pigs with swords, flying tentacle monsters who shoot fire and more.

However, the Nether is also home to many good drops, and gear as well as hidden easter eggs. It’s 2019 if you haven’t heard of the don’t sleep in the nether joke go ahead and try it or watch this guy figure it out the hard way.

The nether is an interesting piece and it is a stark contrast to the otherworld that you actually live in.

How Is The Crafting Though?

Well, the crafting is what puts the craft in Minecraft. The system while simple is surprisingly deep especially when you look into Redstone. Minecraft’s crafting system is straightforward but it’s how you automate those tasks that get interesting.

You see, in Minecraft, you essentially start by chopping down wood, crafting a crafting table, and progressively build more complex items from there on out. Eventually, you will make a smelter, and then make more items and the process continues.

You can do a lot of interesting builds in Minecraft from automatic smelters using mine carts, to automated chicken egg farms. This is where your time will begin to disappear the game is just too good at letting you do whatever you want.

The Verdict

Minecraft from my own experience is the ultimate example of a Sandbox game done correctly. It’s flexible and you get to truly decide your own gaming experience. If you’re someone though who enjoys a story and following a set path Minecraft is not the game for you and that’s okay. Minecraft is arguably a one of a kind creation and 10 years later it’s fanbase is still huge.

Minecraft is one of a kind truly open world sandbox experience. It is fun it requires you to think and it's something that you actually enjoy playing and progressing in and that's what sets Minecraft apart from the competition. You get to decide how you play and what you do and that's something more games should look at doing.
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