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Fragmented – PreAlpha Teaser

Fragmented is a game being created by the team behind the Repopulation. But it’s more like the spiritual successor to The Repopulation even though it was never launched. Fragmented will use a lot of the art and styling that was found in The Repopulation. There are some stark differences though the game will not be the same as The Repopulation it will not be an MMORPG it will instead be an Online Role Playing Game that will allow players to play on their official servers or those that are hosted by other third parties.

The game is also using the Unreal 4 engine to build this game which is far superior to the engine being used in The Repopulation. The biggest challenge for the team is that they will have to port over most of their code over to the Unreal 4 Engine and then it can begin to focus on furthering the development.

This may come as a let down for the fans of the repopulation but from a certain point of view, it might be something that they always wanted. The Repopulation was being plagued major flaws and potential issues that were pointed out both by fans and by the developers of the game. Maybe starting over with the same concepts and some starter code might be what the game needs to finally get it off the ground but only time will tell.

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