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In-Game Goodies Announced For 2016’s BlizzCon Virtual Ticket

A free Overwatch Skin, a Diablo pet, and more is included in this bag of in-game goodies
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Whenever BlizzCon rolls around Blizzard normally gives a bag of in-game goodies and rewards and this year’s rewards come with a bunch of Stuff for games such as Overwatch, Diablo III, and some of the developers other games. Blizzard posted a sneak peek of the bonuses on the official BlizzCon website.

This years goodies include a BlizzCon themed Bastion skin for Overwatch, a Murloc companion for players of World Of Warcraft, and a 20th Anniversary pet for Diablo III. BlizzCon attendees (and those who purchased the Virtual Ticket) will also get a Welcome Inn Card Back for Hearthstone, a Nexus Tiger Mount for Heroes Of The Storm, and a mystery reward for Starcraft II.

As time moves on more details are expected to be released so stay tuned.

There are some important notes about these rewards the Diablo III pet is only available for PC/Mac users and the Bastion skin can be redeemed for the PS4 and Xbox One, as well as the PC versions of the game. If you are looking to claim the reward you need to link your Battle.net account with your Xbox Live or PSN account which you can learn about from their official website.

If you have yet to purchase the ticket then you can purchase one from the Blizzard website for $40 but if you’re attending the event all you need to do to get the goodies is to redeem the Digital Bonuses code that came with your ticket.

If you are attending you can also expect some physical goodies including a BlizzCon beer stein and an inflatable Reinhardt hammer to which you can check those out here.

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