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Fortnite Live Event: Big Robot Monster Fight Is Over

As has been reported on by other outlets Fortnite: Battle Royale had an event earlier today Saturday, July 20th. The event was a fight between a mech robot and a huge monster in which the robot emerged as the victor.

This event was in line with Season 9’s story which has involved the emergence of a monster. The robot was built in preparation of the monster appearing (this event gives a Power Rangers feel to it). The monster which finally appeared today which prompted the mech to respond, during the brawl the mech lost an arm but despite it being down an arm ended up holding the monster off long enough to gain access to the Loot Lake Vault.  Once it broke into the vault an orb appeared which gave the mech the strength to daze the monster.

With this extra time, the mech was able to pull a large sword out of the ground and stuck the sword through the monsters head. After defeating the monster the mech ended up flying away leaving behind not only the monster but the sword as well which are now new elements on the map.

Epic Games before the event disabled all game modes to make sure that everyone was able to watch the event. Players who had been online during the event were able to watch it with the help of jetpacks. While the players were not active participants of the event it was a sight to see.


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