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Achaea Adds Mining In Latest Update


Achaea has added mining in its latest patch and it has some interesting mechanics to it that make it easier on you. Mining is not something that your character has to go out and mine by hand instead Achaea has taken another approach as described in the update notes below.

Since this is a somewhat involved system, we’ll start with a summary of how it
works. For further information on the related mining topics, please see
HELP 24 for a list of mining-related HELP files.

1. You now have a Legion, which is composed of squads of two overarching
types: Mining and Soldier. However, until you purchase squads to go in it,
your Legion is empty.

2. Hire yourself, at minimum, one mining squad for your Legion. You may also
want to hire soldier squads for protection. That’s up to you.

6. Assuming there isn’t another mine already built in that room, you can now
CONSTRUCT a mine of small, medium, or large sizes. The mine’s size plays
into how much it will cost to operate and how many squad members can be put
in it at once.

This is a great move as this reduces the amount of load on players and it allows them to unlock all of the new resources. It is also an interesting move as most MMORPGs don’t allow passive resource gathering and Achaea has made it fit nicely into the game.

What do you think of this update to Achaea is it a good one? Have you made use of mining?

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