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Mad Squad Demo Released

In Mad Squad, you take control of a special forces unit with a dog and your mission is simple to save the world. Mad Squad is a platformer with a unique twist that makes it more engaging than something such as Doodle Jump.

Mad Squad is a platformer where you and up to 4 others are playing to save the world by fighting enemies, by using your character’s unique abilities. You have to use your abilities to progress through the map, and to defeat the enemies that get in your way of Timmy.

The main villain, Timmy is as the developer describes “an emo-kid that leads an Army of Shadows into a war against humanity” while it might seem like a joke it actually fits the style of this game. The game is comical, but it is also very well built as we can see below.

The Studio went on to say the following about the game’s controls and animations.

The controls and animations are precisely synched through using the so-called root motion of the animation,” says Reinhard Zach, the man behind Interstellar Game Studios. “This means that models, e.g. the player and enemies, are only moved through the movement of the animation which results in a natural look. Combine this approach with Animation Blend Trees, and you get a precise and transitionless movement between standing still to running for your life.

The game is something that is okay to play alone but it really shines when playing with your friends as the core of the game was built around multiplayer and cooperative gameplay. If you are wanting to try the game you can download the alpha version of the game.


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