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Guild Wars 2 Making Fractals More Viable

It's about time.
Fractal Backpack

The Guild Wars 2 website has been updated with a long post by Mike Zadorojny discussing the “sweeping changes to the Fractals of the Mists”.

The items discuss include the following:

  • Fractals will consist of one island out of a list and will be able to be completed in a short period of time, say 30-60 minutes up to 90 for longer events
  • Players can practice fractals to learn the challenges without need to reroll fractals to get the one desired
  • Mistlock instabilities are being reevaluated and new ones will be added
  • New achievements and rewards to let players show off their prowess
  • Legendary backpacks will be introduced. ” Together with any of the armor crafting professions (armorsmith, leatherworker, or tailor), you’ll start with a simple new backpack and build it into the new precursor back item. Just like all future precursor and legendary items, this precursor will be account bound and can’t be traded—it must be earned.”
  • Ascended salvaging
  • Bonus sub-objectives

This is good news because players of Guild Wars 2 mostly have a disdain towards fractals as they are boring repetitive and you will have to run the same ones for hours upon hours to get rewards that are slightly better than the gear that you had to run it.  This in turn made the entire thing feel pointless and truly makes the game feel like a giant time sink and that is something that you don’t want players to experience. However, it does seem that ArenaNet is trying to greatly improve fractals so that way players will not get so bored and annoyed by their overly repetitive nature.

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