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David Yates On Directing All Five Fantastic Beasts Movies

Fantastic Beasts

David Yates might or might not be directing all five of the fantastic beasts but this is still very much up in the air. However, in an interview with Collider Yates spoke about his commitment towards the series.

Yate’s understood and acknowledged that it would be a “massive undertaking” and that he was willing to step away and let another director direct the future installments if needed.

Yate’s Commented: “You know, it’s lovely being part of it and I love doing it. How long will I stay with it? I’d like to say I want to stay with it for the whole thing,” he said. “The only thing that makes my knees wobble a little bit is just the sheer volume. Five movies over eight years is a massive undertaking, so I have to be careful that I’m able to give everything.”

“If there’s any point in that period where I go, ‘You know what, it might be wise to step away for a bit,’ I would, to give someone else a shot,” he added.

Yates directed the final four Harry Potter films. He said he became somewhat territorial.

“On Potter, once I’d done one, I enjoyed it so much I felt I had to do another one,” he said. “Then to finish it, I couldn’t let anyone finish it. I had to finish it. I was territorial. With [Fantastic Beasts], especially as I’ve started it, I sort of… I don’t know … I feel committed to it.”

Multiple sources have told Entertainment Weekly that currently, Yates has only signed up for the Fantastic Beasts sequel and none of the other movies. “I only look at it movie-to-movie,” he said. Now while this doesn’t mean he won’t sign on for the other movies it’s still very much up in the air as to who will be the next director.

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