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4Story Facebook Event

4Story Facebook Event

Dear players,
Play 4Story M, reach certain levels, post in your Facebook and get your rewards below.

Please send us via 1:1 the posted link and your name you used to play 4Story M to qualify.
1. Level 5 : 1000 gold
2. Level 10 : 30 days limited premium ring of your choice
3. Level 15 : One 30 days mount of your choice
4. Level 20 : One Upgrade transfer scroll
5. Level 25 : One permanent premium ring
Additional event: Complete Chapter 7: One permanent +28 Soul-bound Weapon of your choice.
(Please note that 4story will be giving away one   28 upgrade level soul-bound weapon of your choice if you complete chapter 6 in 4StoryM. (We regret to inform you that the event objective has been raised from chapter 5 to 6. Those who finished chapter 5 and sent a 1:1 before July 19, will still receive the reward but will not receive another one when he/she finishes chapter 6.)

Collect all 5 Posting images and get 1 One Best Option Cats of your choice.
If your collected posting images are all different, you will get 1 more One Best Option Cats of your choice.

Please note that you have to click on the button on the top of the screen in 4Story M.
(The one that says x20 Free) Post on Facebook and then send us the link.
(You will have to click on the post time to get the address.)
Please click on (crystal image) x** free when you reach the designated level.It won`t reappear once you pass them.
You will first have to post the first Facebook message before reaching level five.The first message should read “I am now playing 4Story M”.
Please also note that the “5 Posting images” means the screenshots shown in the banner.
This event can be participated once per player.

Thank you for your participation.
Zemi Interactive

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