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For Honor: Terribly Awful

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Incredibly underwhelming. A great idea totally wasted. The online match matching is pretty much unplayable at times due to all the connection issues, plus its doesn’t take skill level into account so players who are reputation level 7-10 with a character get put into games with brand new players making it very new user unfriendly.

I get that the combat system is supposed to take skill and that the learning curve is steep, but how am I supposed to learn anything playing against players who have done nothing but play the game since the beta? Micro transactions also make the game pay to win in a sense allowing people to totally skip the leveling up process.

The combat system makes sense but feels clunky and unresponsive at times. For example I’ll block or dodge or parry in a direction but my character just won’t and will get mercilessly stomped. Also I’ve noticed that some combos don’t seem to work correctly at times, although this is most likely my own fault. Most of the characters are just a spam fest and the 4v4 game modes aren’t very good due to the fact that every fight is 1v3 whether it’d be your team kicking someone’s sorry ass or you getting guard broken and heavy attacked to shreds.

The campaign is also incredibly crap and can easily be completed in a few hours. Overall just a let down of a game. DO NOT GET THIS GAME

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