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Second Pokemon Go Community Day Happens Today

Pokemon Go has a  new community Day the second one since the game’s launch! The real-world event takes place today (2/24/2018) and will give players around the world bonuses, and the ability to ...

Pokemon Go Now Calls Out Pokemon Caught Through Cheating

Niantic developer of Pokemon Go has taken a hard-line stand against cheating in its popular AR app. The company has now pushed out a new counter measure that is going to curve cheating in its game. In...

Pokemon Go

A New Pokemon Go Update Has Been Released

A new update has been released for the popular mobile game Pokemon go. However, there doesn’t appear to be anything of interests and there are no new features. This update which was outlined on ...

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Ultima Creator Stopped Play Pokemon Go

Ultima creator Richard Garriott took to Twitter to discuss why it was that he stopped playing Pokemon Go. Garriot took to Twitter to explain why it was that he quit playing the popular mobile game. Ga...

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