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French Parliament

France Has Placed Hard Regulations On eSports

France has placed hard regulations on eSport which will impact most players, taxes, and other facets in the industry. France has just passed a piece of legislation titled the “Numeric Law”...

Rocket League

BAFTA Video Game Nominations Announced

The British Academy Of Film And Television Arts or (BAFTA) has announced their nominations for the 2016 BAFTA awards. If you have never heard of BAFTA think of it as the Oscars for videos games but mo...

Riot Games Logo

Riot Is Closing Its Brighton Office

Riot Games has announced that they will be closing its Creative Services office in Brighton. The office which was opened in 2014 is going to have its work relocated to Riots headquarters in Dublin. Ri...


League Of Legends Taric Getting A Full Rework

Taric will be receiving a full rework that will soon hit the PBE. Changes are being made to his model, animations, effects, lore, and his core gameplay. Riot has not released a lot of information abou...

Riot Says “No” To League Of Legends Sandbox Mode

Riot has decided that it doesn’t care what its players think and that it will not be adding a Sandbox mode. The move has caused a lot of stir in the League Of Legends community many of which see...


Gangplank Returns + Unlock A Free Skin

Gangplank will return as the Bilgewater event comes close to ending. Many players believed that Gangplank would never return but as Riot says “what is dread may never die and Gangplank returns t...


Riot Just Killed Gangplank

Aside from the title that sounds like click bait, Riot has actually disabled Gangplank on all queues effectively killing him. Act 3 of League of Legends’ Bilgewater event is underway. Miss Fortune is ...

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