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SWTOR Character Perks Are Not Legacy Wide

However they should be and these are the reasons why.
Star Wars The Old Republic Legacy

In Star Wars The Old Republic there are several legacy wide unlocks some of which are not accessible across all of your characters. For instance, character perks are something that can be unlocked on a per character basis but some would argue that it defeats the purpose of it being a legacy unlock. Some would say they did that to keep the cost of the unlocks down but at the same time it comes across as a waste of time and money for the players.

By the time you unlock all of the character perks you will all ready have out leveled their usefulness. Some players have taken to the forums to ask why character perks are still not legacy wide but there is a small faction who prefers them the way they are. Character perks when fully unlocked allow you to have a 30% increase in experience from various sources including space missions, and war zones.

There still does not seem to be a logical reason for these perks to be character lock as they run off the legacy system and are only useful to your lower level characters. Not to mention the fact that it can be quite a drain on credits to have to unlock them on each and every one of your characters only for them to be wasted due to the 12 times normal experience buff that will ultimately make all of your alts reach level 30 in a short 2 hours. It should then take you about 5 hours or less to reach level 50. Currently the game does not justify the need for players to purchase these legacy buffs for every character and if you are a free player you will struggle even more to unlock all of these character perks because of the credit cap being set to 350,000 credits (preferred status).

If you are in the San Diego area and are attending the Cantina Tour then it might be interesting to ask the developers the reasoning behind some of their choices with the legacy and if they intend to allow character perks to be legacy wide.

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