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Star Wars The Old Republic Review

Star Wars the Old Republic launched in December of 2011. The game launched with more than a million subscribers within the first month and was the most expensive MMO ever developed costing upwards of $200 million dollars.

However since the release the game has been on a slow decline due to the lack of kept promises by the developers, and lack of content for players. While the game has changed a lot from the beginning it’s lost its way by failing to continue the class stories and instead focusing on one universal story that everyone plays and while this reduces development cost its left the players disappointed.

The World Of SWTOR

Star Wars The Old Republic takes place more than 3000 years before the movies and after the original KOTOR games. There are a number of planets that you can travel too including Coruscant, Yavin, and more. The game continuously adds more planets typically with the release of the games next expansion pack.

The Story is the most important and famous feature of any BioWare game. SWTOR is no exception ever since its release the game has hailed the champion of having the best storyline of any MMO on the market. This is due to the fact every character has their own story where they can be the hero or the villain up to them. While this has made the game dynamic it has slowed down and diverted its attention from personal class stories to a more general story line for everyone and this has disappointed the fan base.

Companions are a controversial feature of the game that you unlock by completing your class story, or by purchasing them. Companions are NPC helpers that you can play the game with and they can accompany you and aid you in combat in case you are lacking a group member. Companions made the game too easy if you played a support because your companion and yourself could essentially solo everything except for OPS. While this was not a problem, in the beginning, it became more and more annoying as time progressed. However, when BioWare finally made the change to nerf companions it was met with much resistance which was a poor choice from the beginning. Regardless companions are an interesting and fun way to level through the game.

The game comes with basic graphics nothing of legends and there are the basic features such as mounts and other traditional MMO features the combat is a traditional tab target MMO with no real shock value (other than the force lightning).


  • Great Story Line
  • Voice Acting
  • Graphics
  • Companion System
  • Lack Of Content
  • Poorly Made Space Combat
  • Boring Combat System
  • Balancing Issues
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