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Riot Says “No” To League Of Legends Sandbox Mode

Riot has decided that it doesn’t care what its players think and that it will not be adding a Sandbox mode. The move has caused a lot of stir in the League Of Legends community many of which seem to be agreeing with Riot while others call the move an excuse and that Riot is hiding their true intentions.

A Sandbox mode has been a major request by the League Of Legends community for several years but in Riot’s latest new column “Riot Pls” the company stated that they will not be adding this type of feature and that it derails from the games original point. Riot claims that it wants players to be playing the game with others rather than sitting in a vacuum but does that really make sense?

“We want to make sure we’re clear: playing games of League of Legends should be the unequivocal best way for a player to improve. While there are very real skills one can develop in a hyperbolic time chamber, we never want that to be an expectation added onto an already high barrier to entry.”

As like all things, this has ended up on Reddit and has stirred a lot of hate and many of the top players have also taken the stands to voice their opinions about Riot’s blog post.

Cloud9 chief gaming officer Hai Lam posted on Twitter, “I do NOT like the Riot response to Sandbox mode at all, sounds like the biggest cop out I’ve ever seen, are you kidding?”

This then sparked a response to this Dota 2 Evil Geniuses player Kurtis “Aui” Ling said, “Actually some of the worst logic I’ve seen from game devs ever.”

Practice modes have become something of a norm in the industry in both Dota 2 and Heroes of the Storm there is some form of a practice mode where you can control your character levels, and cool down timers. This either means that Riot doesn’t care or is simply trying to get players to farm longer in order to get more money.

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