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Riot Is Closing Its Brighton Office

Some of the employees will be relocated to its Dublin office
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Riot Games has announced that they will be closing its Creative Services office in Brighton. The office which was opened in 2014 is going to have its work relocated to Riots headquarters in Dublin.

Riot has made it clear that the staff currently working in the Brighton office are in talks for relocation to their Dublin office.

Riot opened up several Satellite offices with the hopes that they would provide support to other parts of the business such as writing the story, champion design, and more. However, this move is now focusing the core of the development process back into the main office which as the spokes woman below states should increase the efficiency of their work.

A riot spokeswoman explained that by relocating the office it would assist in efficiency.

“We are indeed planning to relocate the Brighton office over the next few weeks,” the statement reads. “Internal conversations are still ongoing with Rioters in Brighton, but it’s hoped the majority of them will move with the function.

“For the last two years Brighton has been supporting other offices throughout Europe and the move to our European headquarters in Dublin is designed to harmonize functions.

“Riot is continuing to hire new, and nurture existing, top talent as we expand and deepen our engagement in Europe, and create experiences that are unique to our European players.”

Personal Opinion

This move might seem odd to those who are simply players but this might actually be a smart move for the company. Riot with its featured title “League Of Legends” has created the entire industry of eSports and it looks like it might have spread its self too far and wide to be running efficiently.

There might be some minor issues from the move for instance, writers, designers or more who are unable to relocate may not be able to finish any of the projects they are currently working on or they may not be able to finish that new champion rework *coughs* Yorick *cough cough* which might be annoying for the development team.

However since we don’t have the full details of what is going to happen to these employees or the jobs they were assigned to it might simply appear as though nothing has changed.

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