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Project Gorgon Huge New Update Features New Locations, System Enhancements

This update brings new events, slower leveling, and a better gaming experience overall.
Project Gorgon

Project Gorgon has released a very large update that adds new locations, special weekend modes, loot rarity changes, a slow-down in combat leveling, and much, much more!

Leveling up combat skills now requires more XP. (Something like 50% more overall, though it varies by level.) This is to help fix a serious problem that many players experience: they level up MUCH faster than they find gear appropriate for their level. This can make the game more frustrating than it needs to be, because players aren’t as powerful as the game expects them to be. By the time they reach level 50 and are still wearing level 35 gear, the game can feel extremely punishing.

I’ve tried other approaches to fixing this in the past (such as adding NPCs who barter monster-bits for equipment), and that helped, but wasn’t enough. So this update tries a two-pronged attack: I’m giving out significantly better solo loot (see above), and I’m slowing down leveling so you have more chances to find that loot. I’ll keep monitoring to see if this improves the issue enough, or if other side-effects need addressing.

As always, when XP requirements change, your current level stays the same. Only the XP needed to earn new levels has increased.

This is a smart and interesting move for the development team as there was a huge issue regarding the speed at which you are able to level to where users were running around with gear that was very far away from where it should have been. Another important change was the new special weekend modes.

On holidays we sometimes turn on “Bonus XP mode” to let you earn extra XP. We like being able to offer special modes like that, but “Bonus XP” can’t be used too often or the game’s balance would get out of whack. So I’ve added a bunch of new special modes to try out. Each weekend for the next four weeks we’ll try a different game mode. (There are more than 4 new modes coded, but this will give us a nice sampler so you can give feedback.) After that, we may try more new modes on following weekends, or we may give it a rest for a few months — we’ll see how things play out. This weekend we’ll test a simple one: “Bonus Inventory Space”. You’ll have extra inventory slots all weekend.

In addition, all this week (and this weekend) we will run a second special mode that allows extended transmutation. This is less about a special weekend and more about making the patch less annoying. There are more details below.

All and all this game is shaping up to be very well developed, and the developers are listening to what the community says which is a nice change of pace from what we are used to getting from traditional MMORPGS.

If you want to read the rest of the patch notes you can read them all on their forum post.

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