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Cantina Tour

Star Wars The Old Republic Tour Headed To San Diego

The development team behind Star Wars The Old Republic will be heading to San Diego, California on July 11th as part of the Cantina Tour. For those in the area you need to preregister in order to make...

Someone Beat Fallout: New Vegas In 27 Minutes

There have been several amazing feats by gamers in recent years, but one that goes by the name Rydou has set a new record for completing Fallout: New Vegas that record was 27 minutes. It is important ...

Star Wars The Old Republic PvP

Star Wars The Old Republic Update 3.3 Patch Notes

Jedi Consular Sage Noble Sacrifice has been redesigned and renamed Vindicate: Vindicate restores 30 Force and heals a friendly target. The cooldown has been removed and a 2 second activation time has ...

Star Wars The Old Republic PvP

Star Wars The Old Republic To Cut PVP Gear Cost

Below is the official post from the SWTOR development team on their logic for changing the prices and what they are hoping for it to achieve. PvP Economy and Ranked Rewards Restructure for Game Update...

Xbox One

Xbox One Background Music Feature Not Coming Soon

If you are looking for the ability to play background music on your Xbox One you may be waiting for a while.  This news comes after Phil Spencer the head of Xbox One development responded to a twitter...

aion invasion trailer

Aion Invasion Trailer

Beritra has released his forces into Elysea and Asmodae ban together in the new worlds of Kaldor and Levinshor and attempt to stop the invasion! Beritra will not go down easily but if you fail all of ...

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