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Minecraft DBC Mod Kami’s Lookout Coordinates

Minecraft Dragon Block C

Kami’s lookout is one of the most important locations in the Dragon Ball universe. This is where Goku does his first series training, and its where you can go to train as well. Minecraft Mod Dragon Block C allows you to go to Kami’s lookout where you can learn new abilities.


Kami’s lookout is located at coordinates X = 65 Y = 217 and Z = 50. If you look down and can see Korin’s tower you know you will be in the right place.


Kami is the guardian of earth but more importantly he is also a trainer. Kami will teach you new abilities including Jump, Dash, Fly, Overcharge, and Endurance. Which are integral to the foundation of any new character.

Kami is also the only character in the game that is capable of resetting your character. This allows you to reset your character back to square one by removing all your spent EXP, TP and skills that you have learned. The only other way to do this is to create a new character.

Hyperbolic Time Chamber

The Hyperbolic Time Chamber is one of two training grounds in the game. The training areas are both meant for improving your character’s skills through training. The training area its self has 10x the normal levels of gravity and is used for training abilities such as KaioKen and the infamous Spirit Bomb which are both taught by King Kai.

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