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League Of Legends Taric Getting A Full Rework


Taric will be receiving a full rework that will soon hit the PBE. Changes are being made to his model, animations, effects, lore, and his core gameplay.

Riot has not released a lot of information about this rework so there is no way for us to determine how viable this will make Taric. However, Riot has stated that the update will be major since Taric is not a commonly played champion and offers very little to fights. The rework was compared to the one that Sion received and that it should come later this year.

Taric’s design work was actually finished early this year, but he’s getting the full deal as far as updates go: model, animations, effects, sounds, lore, icons, gameplay.

He’ll be a Sion-level rework, and he should probably come late this year or early next year. I did his game design work, so if you hate it when it hits PBE, feel free to let me know then.

Riot will not be changing the way that Taric functions as a character but he will his skills will be changed and everything else about him is going to be different. Taric will still have a heal, some sort of armor buff, and armor scaling as these are core to who he is as a character. However, this does not mean that his other abilities are not open to be changed or edited in some way.

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