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EverQuest Landmark Development Videos Show Lighting And Camera Effects

There have been two new Dev Preview videos from Daybreak Games that shows us some cool lighting and camera effects in EverQuest Landmark. These videos were added to their channel on February 8th.

The first video titled “Dev Preview: Claim Time” showcases the claim time system which shows of the games dynamic lighting and shadow effects that the engine is capable of rendering at various points in the day. The claim time system allows players to set the time of day on a patch of land that they claim meaning the players can control the appearance of the environment to better reflect their style of buildings and personalities.

In the video the developer clicks through the times of day and night, showing the transitions in shadows, and lighting effects based on where the sun would be. It appears that the transitions are both smooth and function quite rapidly allowing players to easily style their own patch of land.

The second video demonstrates the three types of camera controls in EverQuest Landmark.

The character camera simply looks where the character looks, and can be zoomed all the way in to 1st person view, or stay zoomed out in a more traditional MMORPG third-person view. The second camera control option is called the orbit camera, and in this setting, the player can designate a central point for the camera to rotate around, so it can be viewed from all sides; this point of rotation need not be centered on the character in any way, and this central point may be changed with a simple click. Lastly, the free fly camera option was demonstrated, and this means exactly what it says; the camera is not bound to any object, and the player may look around wherever they wish, from whatever angle they wish. –MMOGAMES

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