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EVE Patch Notes for February 2016 Release


Skill Trading:

Summary: It will now be possible for players to trade skill points between each other on the in-game market using two new items, the ‘Skill Extractor’ and ‘Skill Injector’. For a detailed overview of the feature please take a look at these two dev blogs: Exploring the Character Bazaar and Skill Trading, and Skill Trading in New Eden.

New Items: Skill Extractor and Skill Injector

Skill Extractor

  • Skill Extractors are purchased from the new Eden Store for Aurum.
  • Skill Extractors can be bought and sold in the in-game market. They are listed under ‘Pilot’s Services’.
  • By consuming a Skill Extractor and extracting 500,000 Skill Points from previously trained skills, players can create a Skill Injector.
  • There are a number of restrictions to the use of Skill Extractors:
    • Skill Extractors may be only activated if the client was started using the fully supported game launcher. This is to ensure two-factor authentication support for skill trading.
    • Characters must be docked and have no active ship.
    • Characters must have more than 5,500,000 trained skill points.
    • Skills which are a prerequisite of another trained skill cannot be extracted. (Note here that you can extract if all dependent skills have been extracted first)
    • The following skills can not be extracted:
      • Infomorph Psychology
      • Advanced Infomorph Psychology
      • Cybernetics
      • Command Center Upgrade
      • Interplanetary Consolidation

Skill Injector

  • Skill Injectors can be bought and sold in the in-game market. They are listed under ‘Pilot’s Services’.
  • Skill Injectors can be consumed by a character to add unallocated skill points in to a characters skill point pool.
    • These skill points can be distributed immediately, but will stay in the pool indefinitely if not used.
    • The amount of skill points granted by Skill Injectors varies based on the total skill points trained previously on the character using the injector, according to the following scale:
      • Less than 5,000,000 skill points trained -> 500,000 unallocated SP injected
      • 5,000,000 – 50,000,000 skill points trained -> 400,000 unallocated SP injected
      • 50,000,000 – 80,000,000 skill points trained -> 300,000 unallocated SP injected
      • 80,000,000 or greater skill points trained -> 150,000 unallocated SP injected
    • The amount of skill points you will receive per injector will be highlighted for you in the show info page for the Skill Injector item.

In conjunction with the Skill Trading feature, we’ve made a number of changes and improvements to skill book injection and the training queue, specifically:

  • Skills can now be injected at any time, regardless of requirements.
  • To begin training a skill, you must now either meet all prerequisites for the skill or have at least 1 skillpoint already trained in that skill.
  • Skills with untrained prerequisites can now be added to the queue if they come after prerequisite training.
  • Unallocated skillpoints can now be applied to your training queue.


  • A new Theme song has been published for the February release: Waltz of the Capsuleers
  • Combat Music for Engagements: This is an opt-out early iteration of a feature which plays specific music (combat music) when a player is targeted and possibly under threat of being attacked. Depending on the adoption rates and player feedback, this feature may be moved from opt-out status.


  • The hitpoints of ship and NPC wrecks have been rebalanced. Instead the formerly uniform 500 hitspoints for a wreck, wrecks of larger ships have considerably more hitpoints.
    • Frigate, Rookie Ship, Shuttle, Small NPC: 700 hp
    • Destroyer: 1000 hp
    • Cruiser, Mining Barge, Medium NPC, Generic NPC: 1500 hp
    • Battlecruiser, Industrial: 2500 hp
    • Battleship, Large NPC, Officer NPC: 3500 hp
    • Carrier, Dread, Rorqual, Orca, Freighter: 15000 hp
    • Supercarrier, NPC Supercarrier: 25000 hp
    • Titan: 30000 hp

    Further details can be found in this forum thread.



  • Doomsday and Smartbomb module effects are now supported by the new visual damage system, you will be able to visualize the damage onto your unsuspecting foe.
  • Caldari and Gallente Strategic Cruisers (Tech-3) have been given the Physically Based Renderingtreatment and use our new shader system.
  • All Strategic Cruisers now sport killmark decals.
  • Missile graphics have been optimized to improve client performance.


  • The following skills have been seeded to the market:
    • Force Auxiliary ships
    • Light & Support fighters


  • Added Force Auxiliary skills for all races
  • Added Light & Support fighter skills



  • The audio effects levels for Drifter turrets have been increased.


  • Fixed several rare cases with training skills.
  • When trying to board a ship with insufficient skills from a ship maintenance array it will now stay stored instead of ejected into space.
  • It is no longer possible to accidentally use an Cerebral Accelerator after surpassing its maximum character age and losing it.
  • Fixed user-defined shortcut for ‘Stop Ship’ not working when probe scanner window was open.


  • Adjusted the orientation of the lights on the Jackdaw.
  • Moderated the display of ships over the Captain’s Quarters’ balcony to prevent overlapping models and the presence of inactive vessels.
  • Altered the code markings on the Kirin.
  • Added another turret locator set for the Crucifier Navy Issue to fix disappearing turrets.
  • Prevented planet mode from breaking the static hangar view.
  • Modified the textures used on the sail area of the Probe frigate.
  • Reworked the booster area textures for the Drake Navy Issue.
  • Reprimanded that pesky right booster on the Minmatar Tech-3 tactical destroyer, Svipul.
  • Reoriented the booster effects for the Gallente Imicus and Helios frigates.
  • Fixed the engine glow bleeding over geometry on the Hyperion .
  • Corrected the visual effects for the Large YF-12A Smartbomb and Large Rudimentary Concussion Bomb I modules.
  • Changed the doomsdays so they now apply impact damage.
  • Reattached blinking lights on the infested station ruins.


  • Fixed a typo in the string displayed when insurance is paid for a ship. This typo prevented the variables to be displayed correctly in the Wallet journal for the French client.


  • Changed the listed ship type for Minmatar Republic Fleet Officer from cruiser to frigate
  • The Crumbling Angel Stone Formation now correctly mentions the Relic Analyzer module in its site text.
  • Fixed an issue that would occasionally cause Serpentis Havens to appear in Sansha space.

Science & Industry:

  • The Guidance Disruptor II blueprint now correctly requires a Guidance Disruptor I as a build requirement.
  • The blueprints for the CONCORD Capital Remote Armor and Shield repairers have been corrected to reflect the new names for the modules.
  • Blueprints for the Missile Guidance Enhancer II now display the correct tech level attribute.
  • Clarified the group name for Energy Neutralizer Drones and blueprints.


  • Tronhadar Ink SKINs for Tech-2 Frigates and Destroyers now appear in the market properly and will apply to ships correctly.

User Interface:

  • Fixed an issue where the Market details icon would not update correctly if using “View Market Details” from a show info window.
  • Improved Corporation Asset Search user experience by parsing item type from the filter when the search is triggered instead of when the text input field loses focus.
  • Implemented several fixes in the Advanced Asset Search: added numerical characters parsing, fixed problems when searching in the German client, stopped showing all items when the search fails to find any items by the entered criteria, added display of all items when opening the window with empty search criteria.
  • Fixed info panels failure occurring while in a transport mission whose drop destination is set to a solar system instead of a station.
  • Inventory windows now display and function correctly if open when a player logs out in space.
  • Mouseover sound no longer plays if an item in Ship Tree is active when the Ship Tree is closed.
  • Clicking a module button exactly at the end of reloading will not longer stop the loading of new charges.
  • The Genolution ‘Auroral’ AU-79 implant is now showing again correctly in the character sheet after losing the pod.
  • Closing the skill queue window with unsaved changes will now reliably ask if the changes should be saved.
  • The skill training times in the skill queue window are now updating correctly when injecting an implant, without having to reopen the window.
  • An appropriate message is being displayed again at opening of the character sheet after losing a skill level due to a T3 Strategic Cruiser loss.
  • Fixed an issue whereby players with their UI hidden using CTRL+F9 would see in-space brackets after jumping through a Stargate.
  • Fixed positioning of tooltips in the map browser.
  • Fixed how automatic URL links would sometimes be incorrectly generated in chat.
  • The Large Remote Armor Repairer II and Large I-ax Enduring Remote Armor Repairer now display the correct meta levels in the user interface.
  • The ‘Micro’ Remote Shield Booster now displays the correct storyline icon overlay.
  • When comparing cloaking devices, unnamed attributes are no longer visible.
  • The client is now updated correctly when several skills train at the same time at login.
  • The skill training notification is now shown reliably when training a skill at login and the proper audio message is played again.
  • Fixed the calculation of remaining skill training times in various info windows.
  • Fixed a problem with updating the total skill point amount on the character selection screen.
  • The Beta Camera has now been changed to opt-out from opt-in. The option to switch the Beta Camera off can be accessed through general settings (press ESC in game to access those settings).
  • Several fixes have been made to the Beta Camera:
    • Zoom distance is now consistent when zooming in and out
    • Camera will no longer jump when tracked object leaves grid
    • Tracking a warping entity is no longer permitted by the camera
    • Cancelling the module induced target lock by right clicking in space now functions correctly

Text and Descriptions:

  • The description of Sansha and True Sansha control towers has been updated to reflect their visual models.
  • Energy weapons now explicitly list their instant reload time in show-info windows.
  • Clarified the description of the Rapid Launch skill.
  • Corrected a minor typo in the Maulus Navy Issue description.
  • Corrected minor text inconsistency in the Paladin role bonus text.
  • Corrected a typo in the Hedbergite ore description.
  • Clarified the bonus text for the Kirin and Deacon ships.
  • The Roden Shipyards flavor text in some Tech 2 ship descriptions has been updated to more accurately reflect their ship designs.



  • Missing attribute ‘key’ in the ‘factionWars’ rowset has been added to the eve/FacWarStats.xml.aspx endpoint.
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