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  • Minecraft’s large content update version 1.14 has been launched which has added new animals that you can tame. Foxes while being cute are also really awesome animals that you can tame.

    The good news is that […]

  • The ability to romance companions or NPC’s is one of the most talked about features in any modern RPG. This being said, one of the most difficult choices a player has to decide on after learning of such a feature […]

  • I am not personally a fan of the pure DPS stigma build for clerics mostly because you sacrifice all the benefits of being invincible. However, you can do some incredibly awesome damage in doing so, unlike the […]

  • Aion 6.0 brings with it a lot of changes in terms of overall gameplay and the simplification of the game. However, Cleric’s the goodnews is your stigmas are largely untouched but it’s time for a refresher course […]

  • I wrote an article that taught you how to tame a Wolf that you found in the wild but now comes another important part. Wolfs are able to be breed like many other types of animals in Minecraft, and it can be done […]

  • Wolfs also sometimes called dogs are an interesting tameable animal in Minecraft. There are several benefits to taming Wolfs as opposed to some other animals (looking at you Parrots). I will go into these benefits […]

  • Aion 6.2 is right around the corner, which while being unusual for NCsoft (as this is on the heels of the 6.0 update) this update comes with a considerable amount of changes. To go through these, I am going to […]

  • A few months ago an Old School Runescape player posted on Reddit claiming that a serious data breach had caused him to lose 45 billion coins on his main account. Many Redditors claimed that he was simply hacked […]

  • RuneScape moderator Jed Sanderson has been fired for abusing his staff privileges. Jed was let go for numerous reasons including giving his in-game guild an advantage through moderator tools that were included […]

  • Pokemon Go’s July Community Day is now behind us. Pokemon Go, developer Niantic has released some of the details for next months (August) event. August’s Community Day will begin on Saturday, August 11th, however, […]

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  • It is a little strange seeing what we know as Han Solo together with Alden Ehrenreich (who is playing young Han solo in the upcoming movie). Harrison Ford making the character famous indicated that Ehrenreich has […]

  • Nintendo has finally unveiled its plans for its new Nintendo Switch online service. This new online service will include cloud saving and include some older retro games that subscribers can play. However, if you […]

  • Fortnite Season 4 is underway, which means that there is a new Battle Pass and new weekly challenges are available. There are some new and interesting challenges this week but they work just like they have in the […]

  • Fortnite has had some interesting first set of challenges for Season 4 and for many these proved to be difficult as they were very involved. This is all thanks to Epic Games for introducing some new and […]

  • This year marks the 40th anniversary of the retro video game company known as SNK. To commemorate this occasion the company is compiling some of its classic titles together into a budge for the Nintendo […]

  • Pokemon Go has a  new community Day the second one since the game’s launch! The real-world event takes place today (2/24/2018) and will give players around the world bonuses, and the ability to obtain rare […]

  • I have spent a lot of time personally in Guild Wars 2 and I spent most of my time in the WvW space I wasn’t one of the top players by even a stretch but it was certainly a fun way to pass the time (when met with […]

  • Shift Quantum a new Unreal Engine 4 platformer game has announced that it plans to launch in Spring of this year (2018).

    The game is being brought to Nintendo Switch, Play Station 4, PC, & Xbox One, and […]

  • Parrots are a tameable animal in the game that is tamed just like the ocelots. There is no clear advantage of taming a parrot other than it looks really cool sitting on your shoulder.

    To tame a parrot you need […]

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