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About Company

The Arcade Corner was originally built as a flash gaming website that didn’t really suit the needs of the owner, and wasn’t doing that well. In late 2015 a decision was made to change the site from a traditional flash gaming website to a video game news portal. After 2 redesigns the website is finally moving to a state where it can make a push for promotion come this year.

The Arcade Corner is meant to be a gaming news site by gamers for gamers. This was the major push for us to allow gamers to contribute to our website if they wish. It also was a great way for new users to help promote their channels in order to gain a larger viewership.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continue and grow in users, and to help promote those smaller gamers by continuing to give them an outlet to promote their content, make some extra revenue, and to have fun being a part of the video game press.

While this is a lofty goal and it will take quite a bit time to complete video game YouTubers should expect for us to become a driving force in promoting not only their content but to give them valuable feedback, and for them to grow their channels while we gain our readership!


The Arcade Corner prides its self on being a completely free and open video game news website. We don’t take any form of payment for reviews, and all of our reviews are done from our own perspective. In some instances, we might be asked to do a review of a game either by a player or the developer, but this will not impact our scoring of said product. 

The Arcade Corner also makes use of affiliate links, and advertisement in order to generate revenue. The advertisements are from Google’s Adsense program so all of our advertisements are displayed according to your interest and we have no direct control of the ones being displayed. We are committed to keeping an open, and bias-free news website. 


The Arcade Corner while founded for flash games, and converted to a video game news outlet does have some traditions that are tied to general geek culture. We also are always watching out for new rising talent and stars who are in need of help growing their YouTube gaming channels to give them an outlet to share their content with the world.

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