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5 Hyped Areas Where Destiny Failed To Deliver

Destiny while very popular failed to deliver what its players were expecting. Destiny has fallen victim to its own hype which is essentially where the user was expecting it to be a flawless game that would put every other game to shame. Destiny however, made fans rave over features that were simply not in place or were not that great. This sparked a lot of popular gaming websites such as GameSpot to deliver a lower rating for the game despite it being popular.

1. The Poorly Written Story

I have to clarify that the story is very engaging, but that is very far from making it well written. Destiny’s story is very poorly written leaving many plot holes that you can find fairly easily. One point comically pointed out by GameSpot from mmorpg.com was why doesn’t the darkness just nuke the traveler from space? There are also some key questions that the story fails to address causing you to just accept your cluelessness and to shoot the same enemies typically in the same fashion.

2. Repetitive Game Play

Destiny gameplay is incredibly repetitive and stale. Most of the missions are you holding off in a room for a set number of waves while your traveling robot companion is trying to open some door. While the combat can be fun the lack of unique encounters really makes the game stale and uninteresting. Destiny needs to make PVE more interesting and to make missions more dynamic and interesting or at the least allow us to get a rocket shooting shotgun like in Borderlands (joke).

3. No Space Combat Or Space Anything

One of the core points that there were spaceships which sounds pretty amazing space combat anyone? Many people expected there to be some sort of space combat or space element to Destiny but when te game was launched they were faced by the cold hard truth that the space ships only existed as a loading screen.

4. Getting Loot Sucks…

Destiny does not make getting loot fun in games like Borderlands you will get guns, guns, and more guns for your characters and you find some very awesome shotgun explosive sniper weapon while in destiny the guns are standard, and finding decent weapons is grinding which leads back to issues number two. Not to mention most of your loot is thrown in a random generator which means there is no certainty to what you are rewarded for beating any sort of mission.

5. Not A True MMO

Destiny tries to market its self as an MMORPG when it simply is not. Destiny is not an MMO and it is lacking several key elements that most MMORPGs have. However, Destiny is a nice multiplayer game but trying to market its self as an MMO really generated a lot of hate for the game and caused users to be frustrated at the sheer lack of features.

Do you think that our list was a fair assessment of Destiny? Let us know in the comments below!

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